about us

“CHOUGULE DEFENCE ACADEMY” is an organization established with an aim to provide “Job oriented courses” to the candidates who are capable, motivated and ready for the hard in work life and face new challenges.


Chougule Defence Academy services is reputed and well respected In the maritime field, constantly innovating using the latest technology in training and maintain a dominant presence in maritime industry.

OUR Mission

• To be pioneer in the field of maritime training.
• To provide top quality training programs to maritime industry personnel.
• Developing modern state of the art training equipment.
• Constantly updating the learning content to be always up to date with the regulations.
• Be a reliable, ethical and socially responsible maritime education and training provider.
• To provide a platform for research and constant improvement for the maritime industry.

जेवणाचा मेनू

टीप :- आठवड्य मधून दोनदा नॉन व्हेज दिले जाईल.