This pre Indian Air Force  is for those candidates who Want to pursue career in defence category in Indian Air Force .

ELIBILITY :- 10th /12th pass. above subject 40 marks.

MEDICAL :-  Eye vision (+) or (-) 2.5 allowed .no  colour Blindness communication skills. 

AGE :-  17.5 to 23 years.

DURATION :-  6 months institutional pre Indian Army Traning.

The Indian Air Force was born on 08 Oct 32, when the Indian Air Force Bill became an act. During the first six years of the existence of the IAF, The training at the Air Force Academy is designed to inculcate moral values, leadership qualities, sense of honour and duty, mental and physical prowess, a spirit of adventure and the will to win, in the Flight Cadets. This is achieved by training in character building, discipline, military and academic subjects, physical exercise, drill, sports and adventure activities. The underlying theme of activity at the Academy is camaraderie and team spirit and a commitment to excellence. Duty, honour, integrity and self esteem are stressed upon during each stage of training; because these are important abstract qualities to be imbibed by every Flight Cadet. The curriculum and syllabi keep pace with current doctrines and technological developments, allowing the cadets at the same time to imbibe the basic principles / tenets of the military profession.

A need was felt for a long time to establish a permanent Air Force Academy at one place, not only for pilots but also for Ground Duty Officers. The idea of this Academy was conceived as far back as 1953, with an aim to bring together, at one place, the training of all fresh  entrants into the flying and ground duty branches of the Air Force except for the technical branch.

On 15 Aug 1947, the Air Force Training Establishments located in India were:

      (a) Initial Training Wing, Coimbatore formed on 11 Jul 46. 
      (b) Elementary Flying Training School, Jodhpur formed on Jul 42. 
      (c) Advanced Flying Training School, Ambala formed on Jul 41. 
      (d) No.1 Ground Training School, Jalahalli formed on Jul 47. 
      (e) No.2 Ground Training School, Tamabaram formed on Feb 47